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October 13, 2008

What makes a "successful" Home Business?

With so many "Work From Home" Opportunities out there in the market place today HOW do you go about finding a suitable, legal, ethical home based business where you actually DO EARN MONEY ?

Val Howard has been a successful business woman and Entrepreneur for close to 20 years and involved in the business of ‘Network Marketing” since 2001.
Val shares below some helpful tips to follow, particularly if you are looking at Direct Selling Opportunities:
1. Understand first & foremost that “Network Marketing” – sometimes referred to as “MLM” (multi level marketing) is actually not always MLM per se. There are many Direct Selling & Network Marketing opportunities that do not require you to build a “downline” in order to rely on an ongoing income.
2. Most MLM opportunities will pay you a percentage income (eg. 1 – 5%) based upon the efforts of your “active” downline. If your downline become inactive, lose focus, leave or any variety of other ‘reasons’ your income could drop substantially! However there is good news…. Read on!
3. There are Network Marketing Opportunities available where, when you make the sale and you retain the entire profit – you do not have to share your profit with anyone (and when we’re talking about profits of $1000 - $8000 in any one particular sale). So what else should you be looking for?
4. Look for a business opportunity that has a solid background
5. Look for a well paid compensation plan, not something that requires you to build a downline of literally 100’s before you can begin to earn a min. 5 figure income
6. Look for ‘runs on the board’ – ethical, honest and recent income testimonials
7. Look for a “system” that is easy to follow, can be set up quickly and is easy to duplicate. You can have the greatest product on earth – but without a great “system” that is proven – all you have is a product (probably sitting on your shelf!)
8. Look for an opportunity that does NOT require annual ‘requalification’, minimum purchases or volume requirements, stocking or warehousing of products in your cupboards.
9. Due your own due diligence! The internet can be a great tool BUT remember that can be a positive & sometimes negative tool depending on what you choose to read. Don’t go with the ‘gossip’ or ‘rumourmongers’ online – form your own opinion based on the FACTS put before your and your own ‘gut feeling’
10. Be sure the business you are about to join is in an area that you enjoy and believe in – in other words you really want to be a ‘product of your product’ ! Whatever that products happens to be!

For information on the opportunity that Val offers – visit her website www.agreatlifestyle.com and register your details for an interview. All information is provided happily and free of charge.