"Love Yourself, Heal Your Life" Workshops

"Heal Your Life" Workshops - Mini 3 Hour Workshops, 1 Day and the Classic 2 Day Workshops are now offered !

A transformational course, the classic 2 day Heal Your Life workshop is based on the teachings & philosophy of Louise L. Hay, and is held world-wide

April 25, 2010

Perfect Day

What an awesome day. A luxurious, delicious sleep in. A 2hr phone call with my sister. Plenty of time for reading, meditation & study. And a visit to "my" beach - Toolakea - deserted except for some people having a fire about 500 metres furt...
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April 18, 2010

Leadership Theories: 10 Major Leadership Styles to Model

LEADERSHIP THEORIES: 10 MAJOR LEADERSHIP STYLES TO MODELWe’re on the theme of teamwork this week so what do you have to do to create a great team around you?  The very first thing is to become a great leader.  A great leader will auto...
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