"Love Yourself, Heal Your Life" Workshops

"Heal Your Life" Workshops - Mini 3 Hour Workshops, 1 Day and the Classic 2 Day Workshops are now offered !

A transformational course, the classic 2 day Heal Your Life workshop is based on the teachings & philosophy of Louise L. Hay, and is held world-wide

February 23, 2011

Opportunities are Everywhere !

Our greatest opportunities find us, we don't find them.
No matter how distant your dreams may seem to be, if you allow yourself to take the necessary steps towards them, one step at a time, you will eventually and inevitably find yourself right in the middle of your fondest dreams.
Don't wait. Start now.

February 1, 2011

Prosperity Wristbands

I am absolutely loving my new Prosperity Wristbands!
I love the message on each band as well as the colours of each one, and the daily focus it brings me.
There is unlimited abundance in our Universe and it is our birthright to be prosperous in all areas of our life.