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March 3, 2013

Reminiscing with Pooh!

How totally delicious!  I've spent a few hours today singing along with Pooh! Pouring over Winnie the Pooh books, and taking a delightful trip down memory lane.

So much of our childhood was spent in the company of Christopher Robin!  All three of us would sit entranced on the couch in the lounge room (my elder sister Cynthia and brother Andrew), and we'd listen through the crackles on the record being played on the 'radiogramme'.

I can almost 'smell' the timber of that radiogramme.  It had a special kind of smell and so did the records inside the cupboards that housed all the 45's and LP's

How I wish I could SING some of these beautiful songs to you (on second thoughts it's probably just as well that in this forum I cant!).  Amazing and also truly wonderful that after 50+ years I STILL remember all the words of every song!  And  here's a sample:

I could spend a happy morning
Seeing Roo,
I could spend a happy morning
Being Pooh.
For it doesn't seem to matter,
If I don't get any fatter
(And I don't get any fatter),
What I do.

Oh, I like his way of talking,
Yes I do.
It's the nicest way of talking
Just for two.
And a Help-yourself with Rabbit
Though it may become a habit,
Is a pleasant sort of habit
For a Pooh.

I could spend a morning
Seeing Piglet.
And I couldn't spend a happy morning
Not seeing Piglet.
And it doesn't seem to matter
If I don't see Owl and Eeyore
(or any of the others),
And I'm not going to see Owl or Eeyore
(or any of the others)
Or Christopher Robin.