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December 10, 2010

Making time for "Quiet Time"

Quiet Time! It's such an important part of a person's day, I believe. When I think about how much I treasure my 'quiet time' each morning when I first get up out of bed. It's a chance to just sit and appreciate life, nature, love.

This morning on my back verandah as the doves coo, the geckoes bark, the parrots all sing, and distant rooster crows, water droplets drip from the verandah roof onto the garden....... there is still a beautiful and peaceful quietness about it all.

And time for me to just appreciate and be grateful. An essential part of my day in order to create balance.

I wonder how many working couples or families allow for 'quiet time', rather than getting out of bed, turning on the TV and having a day filled with constant noise. Argghh I could think of nothing worse!

I hope YOU are having some quiet time in your day.
Till next time