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September 25, 2011

House & Property Sitting

We've been "on the road" now for about 6 weeks, enjoying every moment, although it seems this new way of travelling has been our 'way of life' for much longer.

At present we are 'house sitting' on a 300 acre property about 100k north of Tamworth, a whole new experience and we're loving it! (even though we love "life in the caravan"). We're here for 6 weeks and our role is to look after the house, collect the mail, feed the dog and cat & give the pet goat a bottle each day. The horses pretty much look after themselves but we keep our eye on them, give them some lucerne each day and make sure they're OK. There's also some Brangus cattle (Black Angus crossed with Brahman), and they're currently calving; we've had 3 calves born in the last week and they are GORGEOUS!

The countryside around here is rocky and very hilly, so most of the tracks on the property are traversed in low range 4WD. The views from the top of the property extend for miles and are absolutely beautiful!

The nice thing about this property sit, is that we get to 'get our hands dirty' if we want to! So we've been weeding and mulching and mowing and generally just pottering around, enjoying the fact that gardening is now a "want to" not a "have to". And when we want to do some touring around the local area we can do that too.

Yesterday we drove to Gunnedah (about 120k away) and checked out the 'Porchetta Day' - their annual Italian Festival. Great scenery all the way on the drive there, and fantastic food when we got there!

Whether you're a home owner or a traveller, house sitting can be a great option for both. Check out http://www.aussiehousesitters.com.au/ for more details.

Until next time...
Cheers !